White Belt – Your First Website

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We will help you build a wordpress blog in your “Yellow Belt Training”

You don’t have to do everything yourself here. As part of 333rd.cloud, we already install WordPress for you on your domain. We pre-install themes and plug-ins for you and get you ready to just start blogging.

Your WordPress Blog.
When you become a Member of 333rd.cloud, we create a WordPress Blog for you. It looks something like this.
Blog Screen Capture It will be located at https://firstname-lastname.333rd.info

Just replace the words “first name-last name” with your first name and last name. It has an under construction page available to the public, so they will see something like this.

Website Planning Scaffold

A website planning scaffold will help you organise your thoughts and plan your website. Use this form as a website planning scaffold. It will help you organise your ideas and structure the layout of your page before you commit it to your live production site. I tend to use the Caos method of development, I try a lot of content and ideas and sleep on it. I rewrite it, sleep on it and rewrite to get to the final product. The Planning Scaffold helps me to keep track of my changes and go back over what works. The form will send the ideas to your email so you can make many changes and keep a copy of the changes each time. Just cut and paste the content back into the form to make small changes. The information is not stored on the server. When you send it, the information is taken from the screen and sent to your email. Make sure you are ready when you hit send.

Hold your Ctrl Key down and Click the Link Below to open the Website Planning Scaffold into a new tab.

Link to Website Planning Scaffold