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White belt training is about to begin, We will start with a stretch, I don’t want you to pull a muscle.

Topics covered in our white belt training

  • Welcome to 333rd.cloud
  • Community and Corporate Associations
  • Community Etiquette Policy
  • Message from Third
  • Goal Setting
  • Income Streams
  • Your First Website
  • Register a Domain Name
  • Create a web hosting account
  • Building a website with WordPress
  • Log into your Blog
  • Website Planning Scaffold

Welcome to 333rd.cloud

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our community. You are a valued member and we look forward to working with you on future projects. Take your time to look around, ask questions on the way, relax and enjoy the ride. If you see anything that can be improved, please send an improvement suggestion and earn PIF points for your efforts. All suggestions will be evaluated and are appreciated, they may not be implemented straight away. As you will appreciate your learning journey, tasks need to be evaluated, prioritized and implemented in an order of urgency and impact.

Community and Corporate associations.

The Gecko Corporation Pty Ltd – Trading as CJ Tech Support is the owner of 333rd.cloud. Training Systems, hosting and backup services are provided through the resources of CJ Tech Support. Invoicing for membership and services will come from CJ Tech Support.
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Community Etiquette Policy

This policy is designed to guide members of 333rd.cloud in acceptable Etiquette and communications between members of the community and support staff. We come together to learn, network, and share. We are not in competition with each other, the Internet is a vast metropolis of ideas and interests that we can share. Being friendly and courteous will help you achieve greatness with our members. Spamming, trolling, phishing and poor community spirit will get you expelled. If what you are doing is not in the best interests of our members, your access will be removed.

  • Our purpose is expanding professional growth opportunities of all kinds for our community.
  • Explicit community etiquette is a great way to help us stay aligned with this goal and with our core values.
  • We value the participation of each member of our community and want everyone to have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.
  • everyone is expected to show respect and courtesy to others.
  • This code of conduct applies to all spaces, including our blogs, content, mailing lists, question and answer forums, private messages, personal profiles, company profiles, and more as well as any other spaces hosted by 333rd.cloud, CJTech Support or The Gecko Corporation Pty Ltd. Anyone who violates this code of conduct may be sanctioned or expelled at the discretion of CJ Tech Support.


Do you agree to abide by the Community Etiquette Policy above?

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Message from Third

Follow this link to [read the message from Third.]

Goal Setting

Follow this link to [learn about Goal Setting] and Set your goals.

Income Streams

Now that you know about the community let me explain why it is so important to your bank account. Setting up a web hosting account and creating a website is the start of your digital asset portfolio. But if no-one looks at the website, it has no chance of creating an income. You only get paid when money is exchanged.

Money is exchanged from a website when something is sold. So the question really is what can be sold on a website? If you get creative with this answer you can make a lot of money. It not only depends on what you sell but how you sell it. Auction sites build momentum by counting down to the cut-off time with the highest bid. This creates urgency and often generates larger sales. Email lists and product launches can build momentum to a large audience. This can create excitement and scarcity that again generate interest and higher volume sales.

Today we are going to break this down and hopefully come up with something special that can make you a lot of money. Let’s have a detailed look at what can be sold from a website.

  • Large items
  • Small items
  • Digital items
  • Vouchers and Coupons
  • Affiliate Items
  • Advertising Space
  • Data Storage – Job Board, Services and Directory Lists
  • Training Courses
  • Websites and Website Creation

S.W.O.T Analysis – Strengths | Weaknesses | Opportunity | Threat

Large items.
Large items like houses are introduced to customers every day via websites, they display beautiful images, provide contact details and create urgency by showing either property launch dates or auction dates.

Large items can be displayed perfectly this way, but some large items like cars, houses, beds and kitchen appliances will always require the buyer to see, touch, taste and smell the product before they buy it. Purchase decisions will most likely be made in person, not from the website.

A well-structured website designed to create the sales introduction will enhance the sales process and show urgency, scarcity, uniqueness, and profit. The call to action should be designed to create the introduction, not sell the product. Building the sales list and calling the customer is the purpose of this site. Building an email marketing list will change your position from hunting down a sale to sorting out the opportunities.

Websites designed to sell large items with the view of being all-encompassing, giving too much information is a mistake, it will take away the need to talk to a sales person to find new information.

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S.W.O.T Analysis – Strengths | Weaknesses | Opportunity | Threat

Small items
Small items can have a high price like diamonds and small price like cards. An e-commerce – shopping cart can be a very productive and profitable business model. You are not breaking any new ground here. The largest shopping systems on the planet are doing exactly this. (Amazon, Ebay)

You need to have solid infrastructure in place for inventory, packaging and shipping. The costs involved can be large and your business reputation can suffer if fulfillment of orders is poor. In most cases, this business model on moderate income scale is more than a one person job.

If you can find a niche market, with a product of interest, you can build a fun and profitable business dealing with clients that have the same interests. Build a client base over time with a small inventory. Sites like “Deal of the day” and “Groupon” were built with this in mind. Small quantities released for a short period of time to build scarcity and urgency. Building an email list can make you a lot of money, help you build a solid brand and of course help readers come back to your site, time after time.

If you find a job doing the thing that you love, you will never work a day in your life.

Because of relatively low startup costs, there is a lot of competition. Competition drives down margins and you end up working hard for very little profit. Create a good business plan, identify margins and stick to it. If you find yourself going below your margins in the plan, it’s time to pull out.

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S.W.O.T Analysis – Strengths | Weaknesses | Opportunity | Threat

Digital items
Cost for warehousing, packaging and shipping are zero. Your business can be managed by a single operator. Very low costs to get started if you are selling other people’s products

Limited inventory of items that will be unique. Most digital marketers are affiliates and sell the same products others are selling. If you have the same people on your list you will be marked as spam.

Large scope for the right person to create new unique digital products and introduce them to an affiliate network. Being first to market with unique products can make a lot of income. A small proportion of affiliates are creating $M incomes.

Competition is extreme for digital products. It is common practice now to receive the exact same email presenting a unique opportunity from multiple affiliate marketers. Not so unique. Not being seen in an ocean of digital products is a threat.

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S.W.O.T Analysis – Strengths | Weaknesses | Opportunity | Threat

Vouchers and Coupons
It’s a physical product that will be delivered and therefore can be gifted. The gift card, voucher and coupon market is growing. People are time poor, and appreciate being able to get a product with value, they can then redeem the gift at a time and place that fits into their busy schedule.

Gift cards, vouchers and coupons often get forgotten and are not used. People are skeptical about limitations on gift cards and vouchers. They always seem to have expired when you finally get around to using them.

Great opportunity exists for online marketing of gift vouchers and cards for physical products and also experiences. Look at sites like redballoon.com.au and adrenalin.com.au

Poor follow up and use. If the voucher is not used the perceived value is zero. There has to be a way of following the voucher use through to redemption.

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S.W.O.T Analysis – Strengths | Weaknesses | Opportunity | Threat

Affiliate Items
As a marketer, you can focus purely on generating sales. The product, shipping and after sales support is all taken care of. As the expense related to development, support and after sales management is out of the picture, the affiliates can earn large profit margins. To add to the profit margins, affiliates can offer multiple products to the same customer.

Control. You are not in charge of product design or fulfillment. You have no say on the product or business behind it. You are in effect a customer.

Exponential growth of Internet and eCommerce is making affiliate marketing even more lively. More products are being made daily, more opportunities each day.

Trust: Many affiliates are driven into affiliate marketing for money without adequate knowledge. They want to become overnight millionaires, which means they try to trick their users into buying things without knowing if the product is genuine or not. The biggest threat to affiliate marketing is you can be making exceptional income and no income in a very short time. You need a list(market), You need a product, You need your market to trust you and your product.

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S.W.O.T Analysis – Strengths | Weaknesses | Opportunity | Threat

Advertising Space
Advertising online can be a low cost means of promoting a product, depending on the platform used. The targeting capabilities of reaching an intended audience online is another strength of the Internet, according to surveyed advertisers. Online advertising can target specific audiences and age groups. Great at targeting niche audiences and communities. Pin point advertising is available through social networking sites such as Facebook.

Low conversion rate. You need a large amount of traffic coming to your site to earn significant income. One of the biggest problems with Internet advertising is the sheer number of SPAM and unsolicited emails that are sent out, users can have difficulty distinguishing between genuine advertising and false, therefore the trustworthiness of advertisements is brought into question. Research has found that users trust less than two percent of banner ads seen online. Advertising that is messy and difficult to read, as well as presenting too much information at one time, often turns viewers off

Advertising is only one part of the monetising puzzle. It can become a significant income if you have enough digital assets to create consistent regular income. If you have multiple niche markets that your sites hold authority. You will reduce seasonal traffic and earn consistent income. Eyes on your sites are the driving force behind conversion rates for advertising.

Poor traffic. Low visitor count and incorrect advertising settings that display to much advertising on a page or the wrong type of advertising on a page can make your site look cheap and spam like. The biggest threat to earning income from web advertising is TRUST.

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S.W.O.T Analysis – Strengths | Weaknesses | Opportunity | Threat

Data Storage – Job Board, Services and Directory Lists
Do a search using Google of the following items.

  • SWOT Data Storage
  • SWOT Job Board
  • SWOT Directory Lists
  • SWOT Online Services

Review them and list in your own words the SWOT of each item
Enter into the comment section below
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity, Threat

SWOT Data Storage

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SWOT Job Board

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SWOT Directory Lists

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SWOT Online Services

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S.W.O.T Analysis – Strengths | Weaknesses | Opportunity | Threat

Training Courses
It’s not a new concept, people are prepared to pay for education. The quality of information and support behind the information determines the viral growth and acceptance of the course. People are busy, so they need flexible learning and enjoy the independent learning experience. The Internet is capable of presenting an attention grabbing experience. One that will hold the students attention with text, animation, graphics and video. It can be interactive and collaborative.

All learning carries expense and for some the cost of getting on-line and continuously paying to stay on-line is to much. For some the face to face one on one attention or lecture style environment is better. They enjoy the social and community aspect of being part of a student body.

If you are able to keep the cost to a minimum, use technology to create a student community, but still allow the independent learning experience for those that prefer it, you may find the perfect learning environment that students want. It needs to be simple, safe and full of learning potential.

All on-line communities contain threats. As soon as you add people to a community you grow conflict and danger. Social trolling, spamming, or people that deliberately try to disrupt, attack, offend or generally cause trouble within the community by posting certain comments, photos, videos, GIFs or some other form of on-line content.

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S.W.O.T Analysis – Strengths | Weaknesses | Opportunity | Threat

Build and Sell Websites
Low cost of entry for a potentially large gain. Sometimes your investment is more time than money, with unlimited opportunity for growth. You can build your sites and traffic from scratch. You can buy low cost sites already established and improve them, or you can buy already functioning digital assets that create a revenue stream without you doing anything. Like real estate, you can have an asset that makes monthly income and can then be sold at multiples of earning potential.

Risk and Fraud
Flippa is an online market place for websites and domains. Flippa has sold over 350,000 transactions of digital assets. Flippa has protection in place, some other digital assets market places may not be as protected. Why do these market places have Identity verification systems, Activity monitoring software, Teams of highly trained marketplace integrity specialists. It’s because there are a lot of fake statistics and fake income projections wrapped around websites.

You can find low cost domains with traffic that need tender loving care and community input to become a high value digital asset. These opportunities exist for the right person with a keen eye and inspirational ideas. Take a look on flippa for website under $500.

Risk: Lack of understanding can cost you a lot of money. False and misleading information about website activity and true value can leave you with an expensive mistake. Due diligence is critical. Like any asset it can be seasonal. Timing is important, Seasonal statistics can inflate the value of the asset. If you have a blog about Christmas, selling recipes and books, the traffic on the site may not be all year round.

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Use a variety of different techniques and always be testing. Every site needs to be treated differently. Stories sell, facts tell. Some sites need a story, other sites need facts. Find your niche, something you are passionate about, it will keep your interest and show in your creation.

It can take a while to work out how to best make money from a website. If something doesn’t work, approach the community for ideas and advice, get more eyes going over your site to give you feedback and back-links. Don’t just give up. The main reason people fail with blogging and websites is they don’t understand what makes them money. It isn’t because their idea or website is bad but because they give up too soon and don’t have the numbers visiting their site.

Your First Website

Follow this link to start working on your first website.