Income Streams

Making money online, promoting, developing and investing.
Making money only occurs when a currency is exchanged. You don’t get rich hoping for it, talking about it or wishing for it. You need an exchange of value for currency to earn money. At we can earn money promoting products and services as an affiliate, developing products and services for clients and other members or invest time and money into building digital assets. That may mean buying digital assets that have already been created or you invest time and money creating them.

Let’s look at making money, and creating the transaction of currency.
The media and news are a buzz at the moment about Bitcoin and how it has grown in value in the last 3 years. It’s exciting and difficult to understand but everything comes down to supply and demand. If demand for something goes up the value goes up. The same is true for other digital assets. Value can go up but until the item is sold and currency is exchanged, the realization of that value has not been met.

If we look at real estate, I can buy the asset, money is exchanged and the deed is transferred to my name, I can then rent the property. A tenant is placed on the property. They enjoy the value of the property and currency is exchanged monthly for the use of that value. I still own the asset, but I get a regular monthly income for letting someone else use the value of the asset.

A website, or mobile app or ebook or training video or photography asset can do exactly the same, without the large expense of the initial purchase. Let’s look at your membership in

As a member of, you have access to a community that will help you grow your digital assets. You can exchange value for currency and build profit. You have 3 streams of income from the community.

An investor is a person that buys an asset or puts money into an asset that they expect to get a return. They do not perform the work required to make the asset. They often spend their time researching and planning, then buying or employing others to create an asset. They often invest time and money to own an asset. Our community can support the investor by providing new fresh sets of eyes for testing and general opinion. Releasing a product to the community as early adopters can provide safe proof of concept with little or no effect on the brand. To have a disaster in the community, will just get encouragement and ideas. To release it to the public can get you crucified.

As a developer, you can create your own assets, at your own pace and do everything yourself. You could create Assets for investors and get paid for the challenge. You could also teach and support others so that they could create their own digital assets. Doing everything on your own is not always fun. It takes extreme dedication to go solo full time. If you are not working as an employee or a contractor, you are relying on asset income to cover your expenses.

Our community can provide a continuous revenue stream for developing, teaching, reviewing and testing. Being part of the community you can find others to complete tasks that you don’t want to do. You could have a personal assistant and pay them PIF points for their help. You can pay for hosting and Membership out of PIF points, as well as Udemy training courses and ebooks. You will have access to other developers to ask for help and assistance. As you increase your PIF Bank, you will qualify for higher Belt levels and be included in Specialist Training and Events that will help your professional development.

As a promoter of 333rd, you have an opportunity to introduce others to the network and earn referral fees and performance level bonuses, depending on the belt level that you achieve. A referral fee of 3PIF points is paid to the promoter every month of a recruits paid Membership.

The advancement through belt levels is based on 100% pass mark on exams, investment tasks, development tasks and promotional tasks.