High Converting Subject Lines

Building a list is the corner stone of online marketing. Many factors effect the success of your list building activities. One of the many factors involves getting the attention of your audience. This may include the heading or title of your webpage, or the subject line of your email. High converting subject lines will have direct impact on your growing list.

I have collected some example email subject lines used by Click Bank with the statistics and results of their campaigns. These results are important because each email was sent to approximately 300,000 recipients. So sending out 10 emails to 300,000 recipients is 3million emails. If there response rate or click rate varies from 0% to 1.4%, its a big difference that converts to $1000’s of dollars.

The design of your Subject Line or Heading should include 4 parts.
1. What is the Benefit
2. What is the social Proof
3. What is The Scarcity
4. Curiosity

Example: “Live In 6 Hrs: $107k/mo Autopilot Income”

1. What is the Benefit {$107k/mo Autopilot Income}
2. What is the social Proof {$107k/mo I need to see proof}
3. What is The Scarcity (Live In 6 Hrs:)
4. Curiosity {How??? $107k/mo}

In this example the Subject Line includes 2 of the 4 criteria, but invokes or asks you to question the validity of the other 2. How is this possible. Show me the proof that it is true.
This email was sent to 416,089 recipients with a open percentage of 10.1% (41,600) and a response rate of 1% (4,100).

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