Pay It Forward Plan

Pay it forward is a process
that will help someone succeed.
Can be lonely at the top
when your community’s in need.

When you take the time to help a friend
with tips, advice and steps
you will learn to grow your business
like the gym when doing reps.

You compare the page of others
giving advice on what is good
This will help you with ideas
to build your sites the way they should

We welcome you to our family
and we wish you great success
our community pays it forward
helping you with your progress

It’s not all love and kisses,
yes, we need your help as well,
for continuous improvement
your argument will compel

We need writers for our stories
we need designs that will not age
but the most important puzzle piece
are eyes upon our page.

Read for me:[su_audio url=”″ width=”50%”]

The Pay It Forward Plan

If your approach to this network is to be part of the community and try to help where you can, you will achieve greatness. You will get the accolades and appreciation from your peers that you deserve. It’s not a requirement to have great computer skills to earn (PIF) Pay It Forward points. Developers need a second set of eyes to go over their work and find spelling and grammar mistakes, style and ease of use ideas. Your opinion is appreciated if you present your opinion in a kind and respectful manner. Everyone with life skills is an appreciated member of our community and has the opportunity to earn PIF points.

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