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We believe in two kinds of leverage. Time and Money. The root word for leverage – lever – comes from an old French word meaning “to make lighter”, which is an apt description of the power of leverage. By employing a lever, a big load can be made so light that a child could easily move it.

Working Mum ProfileOur community network leverages the power of people. We can review each other’s work, help with ideas and together build strong digital assets to sustain our future. By helping others we are able to learn from our experience and leverage our currency (PIF) points to pay for expenses leaving a profit.

I have been providing tech support for twenty years. Doing everything on your own means you never grow outside your personal circle. Building something with a community means you get to grow in the greater circle of friends, your achievements are greater, your losses are cushioned by words of encouragement and you bounce back quicker.

Warren Moore

We would like to welcome you to our community and encourage you to get involved. You can join the community as an investor, a developer or a promoter, or all three. Find your niche, ask for help and get involved in the training. It can be life-changing. Imagine building digital assets in your downtime that earn more income than your current job. It’s possible and it is being done every day.

  • As an investor, you buy PIF points and use them to get others to produce income-generating digital assets.
  • As a developer, you build your own digital assets and get paid PIF Points to help others do the same.
  • As a promoter, you earn PIF points from recruiting and use them to get others to produce income-generating digital assets.

You can be an Investor, Promoter or Developer or all three. The more you put into your digital assets the more you will get out of them. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your education or life experience is. Whether you are rich or poor. You need the drive to get ahead and persistence to reach your goals. We can help you get there. Your digital assets are like real estate. They can earn you income each and every month, or be sold at a multiple of earning potential.

Message me if you need assistance.

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